There are many factors that make a customer choose your product or service. Check out some tips to improve the service at your fuel station.

What makes a customer choose your establishment to refuel? Probably the answer to this question comes with a list of factors, such as price, service and product quality. And of course, it’s not interesting to lose the customer in any of these points.

According to data gathered in 2017 by Plural – National Association of Fuel Distributors, Lubricants, Logistics and Convenience – 125 billion liters of fuel were sold last year, at more than 42 thousand fuel stations spread throughout the national territory and some of these liters were sold at your gas station. The question is, what attracted consumers to your establishment?

Consumer of diesel and biodiesel

A law created in the 1970s, during the oil crisis, limited the sale of diesel vehicles, classifying, to some extent, vehicles that run on this fuel as commercial vehicles, such as trucks, buses and pickup trucks.

The high cost of vehicles and engine maintenance encourages customers more than ever to seek quality in fuel; since it is chemically proven that the purity of diesel affects the engine’s lifespan.


For your fuel station to be chosen by the customer, you must ensure the quality of the fuel sold at your pump. First, by purchasing diesel oil from a certified supplier and checking the quality of the product, and second, by offering diesel filtration at your establishment.

The appearance of water in diesel oil stocks is common and arises from the condensation of air moisture that enters the tank through the breathing nozzle. The problem is that the water present in the diesel can promote the growth of corrosive microorganisms, which impair engine operation.


To ensure quality in your delivery and customer satisfaction, Filpar offers technologies for solid impurity filtration by press and dehydration of diesel oil. The Dehydrating Filter Press is an exclusive and patented equipment that will purify the diesel from your pump and enhance the quality image of your fuel station.

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