Does your fuel station separate oils and greases from water?

The Filpar Oil and Water Separator Box is the answer for your company to comply with environmental legislation.

Having the company regulated according to environmental requirements is ideal for the proper functioning of a business and consequently ensures safety for customers.

With this in mind, Filpar has developed the Oil and Water Separator Box, which treats water contaminated with oil and prepares it for disposal in the sewage system.

According to the National Council for the Environment (CONAMA), every fuel station needs to have an Oil and Water Separator Box, as in these environments, impurities are often improperly discharged into the public sewer system.

In addition to fuel stations, the Oil and Water Separator Box is suitable for workshops, industries, farms, and self-owned refueling stations. Are you aware of the advantages of having one for your company? Check it out:

Quality material: The Filpar Oil and Water Separator Box is made of 100% high-density polyethylene, preventing the oxidation of its components. This ensures the lifespan of the material is fully utilized and reduces maintenance costs.

Three stages for complete separation: as soon as they enter the box, water and oil are directed to the deflector, which reduces the speed of the effluents until they reach the collection basket, where solid waste is separated. In the second stage, the liquid passes through a coalescing element that, due to its specific shape and inclination, accelerates the separation process by up to 72 times. Finally, in the last stage, the water, now within the parameters accepted by environmental legislation, is discharged into the sewage system. The separated oil remains inside the box awaiting drainage by a manual pump, which comes with the equipment.

Water suitable for proper disposal: after passing through the Oil and Water Separator Box, the water is free of oil and residues to be released into the sewage system. With the new proposals and solutions of a renewable world, complying with modern standards and environmental regulations sets your company’s image apart from competitors.

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