FILPAR FPI Filter at the First Floating Fuel Station in Minas Gerais

Filpar takes pride in having its Filter Press at the first floating fuel station in Minas Gerais. We have another satisfied customer with our products! 

Filpar is proud to have its Filter Press at the first floating gas station in Minas Gerais. Located on a reservoir in Capitólio, the city has the highest concentration of leisure boats in the entire state.

The FPI Filter technology separates all solid impurities. Developed especially for fuel stations in cities with little available space on islands, the filters will be operational in a space of 250 square meters.

The equipment also features an automatic return that reintroduces excess fuel from the press box into the filter’s own hydraulic system and eliminates the need for a return line to the tank. Posto Beira Rio III now operates with the best diesel filter to offer quality to customers. You can also have it at your establishment. Talk to one of our consultants and get a quote to choose the best type of filter for your fuel station!