Developed for customers with medium monthly consumption of diesel or biodiesel, it should be installed next to the suction pump, providing dehydration and solid impurity retention during refueling. Filtration range from 1 to 150 microns.

Composed of a carbon steel body, high-strength polycarbonate sight glasses, 1 ½” inlet and outlet, cellulose elements with phenolic resin, carbon steel caps, bottom drain and a vacuum gauge to indicate saturation of the filter elements.


Main Construction Characteristics

– Body made of 2mm thick carbon steel sheet ensuring robustness and durability.

– Certified cast iron connections and monobloc ball valves.

– Transparent sight glasses showing fuel filtration during refueling.

– Cellulose and phenolic resin filter elements with greater durability than those in most of the competition’s filters (polypropylene elements).

– U-type nitrile rubber sealing rings.

– Bypass system, allowing temporary diversion of diesel for possible maintenance.



Height 122cm
Width 56cm
Base 65x65x65cm
Filtration 4 elementos de celulose
Inlet and outlet 1 1/2″

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