Aiming to conserve water resources, Filpar developed STAR, a Water Treatment System for Reuse, effective in treating effluents from washers at fuel stations, transport companies, garages, factories, among others. In this system, 90% of the effluent used in vehicle washes is recovered and treated using an ORGANIC polymer efficient in reducing surfactant levels, controlling pH, and removing suspended solids, oils, and greases (that are not retained in the water and oil separator box). This way, the water is reused for new washes, generating savings for the washer and preserving the environment. All models come with a stainless-steel tray and sludge collector basket.


STAR 1000 220V MONO – FLOW RATE OF 1000 LP/H STAR 3000 220V MONO – FLOW RATE OF 3000 LP/H STAR 5000 220V MONO – FLOW RATE OF 5000 LP/H


– Flow rate: 1000, 3000, and 5000 liters per hour; – Can recover 90% of the effluent; – Internal fiberglass reservoir; – Carbon steel structure; – Electrostatic painting of the steel structure (BLACK); – Fiberglass casing; – PU painting of the casings, MATTE BIC BLUE; – Automatic dispensing of flocculant product through dosing pump; – Automatic dispensing of bactericidal product through dosing pump; – 60L reservoir for flocculant product; – 60L reservoir for bactericidal product; – Audible and visual alert and immediate shutdown in case of product shortage; – Audible and visual alert and immediate shutdown in case of dirty water shortage; – Uses organic product; – Centrifugal pump for system feed and polishing; – Final polishing with backwashable filter; – Automatic and intermittent disposal of residual sludge; – High-density polyethylene sludge basket with lid; – Electromagnetic control panel for the entire process.

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