Does your fuel station separate oils and greases from water?

The Filpar Oil and Water Separator Box is the answer for your company to comply with environmental legislation. Having the company regulated according to environmental requirements is ideal for the proper functioning of a business and consequently ensures safety for customers. With this in mind, Filpar has developed the Oil and Water Separator Box, which […]

Work Safety at Filpar

Prioritizing the safety of our employees, the entire Filpar team recently participated in training with firefighters. Work Safety is a topic that has been discussed for decades and is renewed every year with solutions to prevent accidents. Since then, various measures have been taken and regulations implemented. The current focus is on raising awareness among […]

FILPAR FPI Filter at the First Floating Fuel Station in Minas Gerais

Filpar takes pride in having its Filter Press at the first floating fuel station in Minas Gerais. We have another satisfied customer with our products!  Filpar is proud to have its Filter Press at the first floating gas station in Minas Gerais. Located on a reservoir in Capitólio, the city has the highest concentration of […]


WHAT IS THE INVERTER FILTER? It’s a filter press equipped with an electric/electronic device whose function is to provide more advanced control in motors. It’s one of the most used devices in the industry and offers numerous benefits both to the engine and its application.  They convert a fixed-amplitude sinusoidal signal into a pulse width […]


🔵💙 #NOVEMBROAZUL: FILPAR SUPPORTS THE CAUSE OF MALE HEALTH AWARENESS! 💙🔵 In this November, we wear the color blue and embrace the important campaign of Blue November. It’s a moment to remind all men of the importance of taking care of their health and getting regular check-ups for the prevention of prostate cancer and other […]

Beware of fraudulent invoices.

Alert: Beware of Email Invoice Frauds! Dear Customer, We would like to draw your attention to an important alert regarding the security of your financial transactions. Lately, we have noticed a worrying increase in the number of frauds involving bank invoices sent via email. These malicious practices aim to deceive recipients and lead them to […]

Black Awareness Day

On Black Awareness Day, we should unite in solidarity, seeking a future where racism is a thing of the past. We at FILPAR know that respect has no color, it has consciousness! 💙✊🏿✊

21st SINCOPETRO – The Most Beautiful Gas Station in Brazil

🤩🤝Filpar Filters will also be joining us as a supporting company at the 69th FUEL RETAILER FESTIVAL 2023 and the 21st Contest for The Most Beautiful Gas Station in Brazil. We are honored and confident that it will be the Party of the Year! Get your tickets (link in the BIO of @sincopetro.oficial) and don’t […]


Hey everyone! Today is a day to celebrate the confirmation of Rosângela and Gabriel. We wish you both all the success, and may 2024 be a year of many professional achievements alongside us! Congratulations!